“Utter” is a wonderful word. As an adjective, “utter” is used to mean complete or absolute, as in “that’s utter nonsense!”  As a verb, utter means to speak aloud, or make a sound with one’s voice.

Utter is also the word side of Eke and Utter Arts. If you need some words of the utterly delightful or essential variety, such as a poem to accompany an eke commission or a stand-alone unportrait in words, please contact me to talk things over. Please check out some of my writing here at my personal blog; here,  for some mental health-related poetry;  here,  for an award winning essay; and here for some short holiday fiction.

I also offer custom creative writing workshops and public speaking on topics related to mental health, the creative life and other fun stuff! Let me know what you’re thinking about and I’ll see whether it’s something I can help with. If not, I might be able to refer you on to some of the beautiful talents I know.