Many will be familiar with the term “to eke out a living”, meaning to make a living but just barely and sometimes with great effort.  It also means “also”, an addition, to lengthen or add to,  and according to Wiktionary, is an archaic term for “A very small addition to the bottom of a beehive, often merely of a few bands of straw, on which the hive is raised temporarily.” If I could  save the bees with what I’m doing here I’d  be very happy, but really I’m just eking out a living!

Eke is the pictures side of my business, an “also” to my original work with words. I love to paint, collage, pastel and draw in pen and ink, and was inspired to offer “unportraits” during a short stay in Toronto where I created a series of selfies that weren’t,  mixed media works that reflect who I am but not are not realistic depictions of my outwardliness. They are “innies”,  imaginative works that express my inner world of emotions, values, and personal qualities.

If you would like an innie unportrait of yourself or someone you care about, of your pet, place or beloved object, please contact me by email to start a conversation. Commission rates vary according to medium, size, time frame, shipping and handling etc; allow up to 6 -8 weeks for completion and 2 weeks for delivery. Payment may be made by email transfer, cheque, or cash.

For information about my poetry and writing, creative writing workshops and public speaking, please visit the “utter” page.

For other possible projects involving words and pictures, including business card design and very short films (see some examples at my youtube channel), please contact me.